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Technological providing of offset printing quality of protected printing products

Work number - M 12 AWARDED

Authors:  Klymenko T. Ya., Talimonova N. L., Zolotukhina K. I.


Presented by the National Technical University of Ukraine " Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute"


The aim is to develop technological maintenance of quality process offset printing products protected with considering of its structural characteristics and determining patterns of influence the technological environment of the printing contact parameters and contact printing methods of stabilization with minimal printing layers of ink to regulate the color reproduction of images.

The paper addressed important scientific and technical problem - developed a comprehensive quality assurance workflow products protected during offset printing on the basis of mutual respect between the structural characteristics and color printing materials and inks, technological modes and parameters of the original.

The authors based on theoretical studies, the mechanism of forming the optical characteristics of a print obtained offset printing paper with watermarks, identified and classified phenomenon impacts on interjection ink on the back. Modeling changes color prints turnover due interjection ink, which takes into account the relationship between the structural properties of paper, color paper and ink characteristics, the number of ink on the print, and color settings print circulation figures was done. The mathematical model of the surface printed and unprinted banknote paper and a mathematical model that determines the influence of parameters on color reproduction stability provided to minimize the thickness of ink layers on the printing material.

Improved printing workflow and consolidation of prints based on evidence-based printing technology environment parameters contact. Targeted supplements to correct the printing process, minimal layers of ink, method of administration and control, which can increase the quality of printed products was determined. Improved warehouse technology environment that includes elements for the stability of the water-ink balance, color characteristics and reduce distortion during printing secure output flat offset printing.

Technological instructions stabilization process color reproduction by printing options technological environment of printing on surfaces; software to determine the parameters of the surface structure of paper, including paper with watermarks; filtration surface roughness profile printed and unprinted paper; to determine the fractal dimension and amplitude coefficient and surface and unprinted paper; recommendations maintenance processes with specified parameters and put into production at the Mint of the National Bank of Ukraine and the LTD "SALYUTIS PRINT".

The economic effect of the introduction of development is 645 276.28 USD.

The total number of publications of authors - 67 scientific works, including 18 articles in scientific professional journals, including the fourth foreign publications, including 1 - the international professional publication of the list of Scopus, 6 patents of Ukraine for utility model, 1 certificate of copyright Law, 41 thesis reports at scientific conferences, 1 methodical work published during 2008-2015. According to the database of Google Shcolar total number of links - is 29, h-index (the work) = 6. Novelty and competitive technical solutions protected by patents 6. On the subject defended 3 PhD thesis.