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Size effects in thin film materials for thermoelectric energy conversion

Work number - M 47 AWARDED

Presented by the National Technical University «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute»


Authors: МenshikovaS.I., BudnikA.V., DoroshenkoA.N., OrlovaD.S.


ThepurposeoftheworkwasfundamentalresearchtorevealsizeeffectsinPbTe, PbSe, Bi2Te3andBi1‑xSbxthinfilmsknown as promisingthermoelectric(TE) materialsandbelongingtothetopologicalinsulators throughthestudyofkineticproperties dependencesonthedifferentfactors, which opens wide possibilities of using them in thermoelectricity and other fields of electronics.

Theauthorsrevealedoscillationsof transportproperties dependences onthinfilm thickness,presence of whichis associatedwithquantizationofthechargecarriers’energyspectrumand defines the possibility to manage TE parameters by varying the film thickness.

Experimental results were interpreted in the framework of infinitely deep rectangular potential well model and Fuchs-Sondheimer theory that is of fundamental importance to the development of ideas of classical and quantum size effects in semiconductor 2D-structures and modeling of thin films’ properties which in turn significantly simplifies the task of finding new materials for TE energy conversion.

It is shown that using of the cheap and simple method (one-source thermal evaporation of polycrystals in vacuum), allows to grow V2VI3, IV VI and Bi1-xSbx thin films of high structural quality and TE parameters comparable with those for films fabricated by more expensive and complex methods.

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