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The series of the works "The formation of fields with definite time, space-energy, and polarization characteristics by electrodynamic structures"

Work number - P 34 FILED


Katrich V.A., Nesterenko M.V., Berdnik S.L., Dumin O.M., Gorobets N.N., Penkin Yu.M., Pochanin G.P., Drobakhin O.O.

Presented by V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University

The series of scientific works contains 12 books and 203 scientific papers published during 22 years.

The goal of the series of works is to develop the theory of computational electrodynamics and the construction of physical and mathematical models to improve the existing and to design the novel element base of radiation systems and devices of microwave and UHF bands. The main scientific value of the presented series of scientific works is the solving of the collective interconnected problems: the creation of the complex of methods and mathematical models of computational electrodynamics to provide the global level of design of highly efficient electromagnetic structures for the formation of electromagnetic fields with definite time, space-energy, and polarization characteristics, as well as the creation of new radio technical systems and radio physical technologies for the solution of the wide range of scientific and economic problems.

The theoretical contribution of the authors of the series is the original and new step in the development of the general theory of electrodynamics. It allowed, within 113 R&D, Government programs, and international projects, to develop antennas and antenna arrays, traveling wave antennas, leaky wave antennas, reflector antennas, equidistant and nonequidistant linear and two-dimensional antenna systems with combined and partitioned aperture, different radio physical systems with previously unachievable high performance characteristics for aircraft and naval weather radars, space radiotelescopes and radiometers, nondestructive testing instruments that have no analogues in the world.

The research results were described in 398 publications, including 12 monographs (2 monographs were published in international scientific publishing house «Springer»), chapters in 10 topical collected papers (EMW Publishing, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA), 124 articles in refereed journals (including 107 foreign ones). The publications of the authors were cited in more than 405 scientific journals, the general citation index of the publications is 563 (according to the Scopus database), h-index = 33. The 21 patents were received. The 8 Doctor Sci. and 16 Cand. Sci. theses were defended within the framework.