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The series of research “Calcium dependent cellular mechanisms and their role in pathological states”

Work number - P 27 AWARDED


Authors: BelanP.V., VoitenkoN.V., GordienkoD.V., DosenkoV.Y., IsaevD.S., IsaevaO.V., KopachO.V., MaximyukO.P., PivnevaT.A., SkiboG.G.


This series ofresearch consists of 2 monographs, 9 chapters in books, published in the Ukraine and abroad, and 268 research papers, published during the period of 1991 – 2012.

The series of research provides priority data on impairment of intracellular calcium signalling under condition of various pathological states. This work clarifies the cause-and-effect relationship in genesis of functional abnormalities associated with malfunction of the regulatory mechanisms of calcium homeostasis in different cell types. A line of fundamental results, presented in this study, unravels peculiarity of spatial organisation and molecular mechanisms of regulation of cellular calcium signalling system.

The authors developed innovative approaches in the monitoring of ionised calcium, released or taken up by individual cell or intracellular organelles. This study resolves a number of pressing problems of modern physiology and pathophysiology, which are related to correction of pathological alterations of the cellular regulatory mechanisms of calcium homeostasis.

The results of this study are of the utmost importance for understanding of the mechanisms of genesis and progression of serious diseases. Obtained data provide a fundamental basis for development of innovative pharmacological strategies for treatment of socially significant diseases, such as diabetes mellitus, pancreatitis, arterial hypertension, cancer, stroke, pathological pain of various geneses, ischemia and epilepsy.

The results described in 279 publications, including 2 books, 9 chapters in books, 268 research papers (including 243 articles in refereed journals). One patent obtained. 12 Doctoral and 80 PhD theses defended. The works of authors cited 4458 times (total citation index by Scopus), h-index - 33