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A series of monographs on the subject “Modern dynamics of materials and structural elements”

Work number - P 29 AWARDED


BabichS.Yu., BarnyakM.Ya., GrigorenkoO.Ya., KnyshV.V., KovalchukP.S., LugovyyP.Z., MeishV.F., RushchitskyYa.Ya.


It is recommended by S.P.Timoshenko Institute of Mechanics of NAS of Ukraine.

This series of scientific works consists of 9 monographs published during 1984-2012.

   The fundamental studies are carried for the wide circle of scientific and scientific-technical problems associated with modern dynamics of materials and structural members.

  A series of fundamental results is obtained relative to the problems of dynamics of materials and structural members made of composite materials having any analogs in the world literature.

  This series of monographs contains of priority results in the scientific substantiation of foundations and principles of design of modern materials and applications in the wide circle of the scientific-technical problems of up-to-da-teness.

         Authors carried out the statements of new nontraditional problems of dynamics of composite materials. New approaches are proposed basing on the numerical methods of solving the linear and geometrically and physically nonlinear problems of dynamics of structural elements.

  The results are important for the applied studies relative to problems of dynamics of materials and structural elements associated with development of theoretical and experimental foundations of instrumentation, manufacturing the test equipment and test operations. The works of authors team are cited in the more than 980 scientific publications, the total number of citation is 3969 (by the Scopus data base), the common h-index is 12. By the series subject, 1 Doctor

thesis and 23 Candidate theses were defended.