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Scientific and practical geological solutions for increase natural gas production in Ukraine

Work number - P 8 FILED

PJSC «Ukrgasvydobuvannya»

Ukrainianscientificresearch instituteUkrNDIgas


Ben’koV.M.,MachuzhakM.I.,KryvulyaS.V.,LizanetsA.V.,LagutinA.A.,AbelentsevV.M.,VysochanskyI.V.,LurieA.I., LazarukYa.G.


          Purpose of the work is to develop a complex ofgeological research methods for increasing of natural gas resource base in Ukraine.

Scientific novelty of workis to develop the scientific and practical geological studies related to increasing natural gas resource base in Ukraine. The complexconsists of the following elements which are tested on the territory of Dniepr-Donetsk Basin(DDB), the main oil and gas region of Ukraine:

- the prospective gas accumulation area forecasting methodology at theconsiderable depths isdeveloped for the first time. This technique allows toprovide the main lines ofgeologicalexploration and establish the priority subjects of hydrocarbonsearchbased on theirrating;

- the complex of methodsfor scientific justificationof favorable non-salt-dometraps formation of hydrocarbonsand theirefficientsearch aredeveloped for the first time. The practical applications for oil and gasexploration techniques allowed to select the prospective areas for lithological, stratigraphic, disjunctive shielded and other types of non-salt-dometrapsthroughout the region;

- the methodology of additional exploration in themajor natural gas fields with massive sheetdeposits isdeveloped for the first time.It is based on the rational systematization and integration of geological criteria and allows to determine the presence of slightly drained zones, also increase the gas-bearing content areas and refine the volumetric parameters;

- the integration of detailed geological and hydrodynamic models with remaining reserves concentration zones andcurrent gas-condensate factor values including watered areas in order to optimize the extraction of remaining hydrocarbons reserves is realizedfor the first time. Themethodofferstheoptimallocationofbottomholes of wells.

        Scientific and practical importance of the work is confirmed by the gas reserves growth, including discovery of new deposits, for period 1998-2014 in volume of 272 011 thousand tons of fuel equivalent.

        Five monographs and over 300 articles in professional editions were published on the subject. There are more than 150 references to publications of these authors in different databases.