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Resource-saving environmentally friendly technologies of water use in the agricultural sector of Ukraine

Work number - P 25 FILED

Presented by the Institute of Water Problems and Land Reclamation of NAAS

Authors: Romashchenko M.I, Baluk S.A., Bondar O.I., Verhunov V.A., Vozhegova V.A., Zhovtonog O.I., Khoruzhy P.D., Shatkovsky A.P.


Work objective– development of scientific bases, technology and hardware for resource-saving environmentally friendly water use in the agricultural sector, the application of which creates opportunities for sustainable agriculture under the conditions of natural water supply deficit and sustainable provision of rural population and agricultural enterprises with good-quality  drinking water.

The scientific significanceof the work lies in the development of the standards of water quality for irrigation and agricultural water supply, scientific substantiation of water consumption rates both in irrigation and agricultural sector of economy, the development of resource-saving and environmentally friendly technology of drip irrigation, GIS technologies for planning and controlling irrigation regimes of crops, technology of agricultural water supply and removal.

Implementation of developments. GIS technology for planning and controlling irrigation regimes has been implemented in a total area of over 12thousand hectares, the developments in the field of agricultural water supply have been introduced into the technology of water purification and natural and sewage water use in the closed water use systems at the agricultural enterprises, at the water treatment plant of the Kilia group water supply system as well as at the deironing plant in the village of Borova in Kyiv region and others.

Based on the research findings and developments in drip irrigation, drip irrigation systems have been designed, furnished, built and are under operation now in the area of about 12 thousand hectares, which are under perennial (fruit, berries, grapes) plantations and cultivated crops (vegetables, melons, potatoes and corn) in the different regions of Ukraine.

Technical and economic performance of the developments correspond to the best foreign analogues. The benefits of GIS technologyadoption in irrigation management are 7.2 mln. UAH, drip irrigation technology - 13.3mln. UAH, drip water supply technology – 5.750mln. UAH.

The research findings are presented in 356 publications, including 26 monographs. 52 regulatory and guidance documents were elaborated, 49 patents and invention certificates were obtained, 7 doctoral and 39 Ph.D. theses were defended, a total h-index is 39, a number of references to the publications by Google Scholar is 488.