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Multiparticle phenomena in nuclear fusion facilities, plasma electronics, and plasma technologies

Work number - P 21 FILED

Authors:Azarenkov, Mykola Oleksiyovych;  Denysenko, Igor Borysovych; Yegorov, Oleksii Mykhailovych; Kolesnichenko, Yaroslav Ivanovych;  Lutsenko, Vadym Vasylyovych;  Onishchenko, Ivan Mykolayovych; Ostrikov, Kostyantyn Mykolayovych; Yakovenko, Yuriy Volodymyrovych.


The purpose of the submitted set of works is to investigate multiparticle phenomena in various plasma systems, their fundamental features, and possibilities of practical applications in the nuclear-fusion-power engineering, plasma electronics, and plasma technologies. On the basis of theoretical research and experiments, the authors discovered and explained new phenomena in plasmas. They established the essentials of physics of the energetic ions in fusion plasmas, suggested interpretation of experiments on leading tokamaks and stellarators of USA, EU, and Japan; contributed to the development of the Helias reactor project (Germany).  The authors laid the groundwork for the development of compact accelerators for materials technology, medicine, biology, as well as for future colliders required for the progress in high-energy physics. They paved new ways to the creation of nanomaterials, nano-electronic devices, photonic structures, computer chips, solar battеries, communication systems, and biosensors. The results of the fundamental and applied research carried out are well-recognized throughout the world.


The number of publications: 178, including 8 monographs, 15 overviews, and 154 papers in scientific journals  (123 of them are published in high-rating foreign  journals, in particular, in Reviews of Modern Physics, Physics Reports, Physical Review Letters, Applied Physics Letters, Physical Review, Nuclear Fusion, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, Physics of Plasmas). According to data of Thomson Reuters Web of Science, the citation index CI=5411 of the selected scientific publications, and their h-index = 39; according to data of Google Scholar, CI=6568 and h-index = 45.  15 doctor dissertations and 39 candidate ones were defended on the topic of the work.