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Modelling the system of social communications in the smart city

Work number - M 29 AWARDED

Presented by Rivne State Humanitarian University

Authors: PhD Nataliia Veretennikova, Ph.D. Mariia Nazaruk, Ph.D.AntoniiRzheuskyi

The purpose of the work is to develop a set of verbal, conceptual, informational and mathematical models of the system of social communications in the smart city.

On the basis of theoretical and experimental researchthe authors have established that the social communication system is one of the basic factors of social development, whichcontributes to the formation of advancedurban educational and scientific environments based on knowledge, as well as innovative approaches to solving topical tasks of increasing the competitiveness of urban communities and system implementationsof the principlesof smart cities.

The scientific principlesfor the formation of a methodological basis for modeling processes in the system of social communications inthe smart city havebeen created.

The basic conceptual principlesof the complex of multi-type models of the innovative urban social communicationsystemfor the development of perspective schemes of functioning the educational scientific social and communicationenvironment have been formed whereit is implemented aninnovative concept of a smart city, which provides significant improvement and increases the efficiency of realization of the information(data and knowledge) exchangeprocessesin urban social and communication systems.

A setof verbal, conceptual, informational and mathematical models of the system of social communications of a large city inthe case ofthe formation of future professional and educational profiles of apersonality have been proposed. The social communication processes in virtual scientific teams, which are conducting research on the informationand technological platform, called e-Science, have beeninvestigated. The model prototype of the programand algorithmic application, which is used for information supportof scientific researches and implementation of an effective system of their communication, has been formed.

The information system of a recommendertype Information Assistant ofa Scientistis implemented, which is intended for effective, qualitative and comprehensive information work of researchers in virtual creative teams.

The work results have been implemented in the research laboratory “Smartcity of Ternopil” at Ternopil Ivan Puluj National Technical University;atthe library of the BukovinianUniversity inChernivtsi; atthe Library of the Nadvirna College of National Transport University;in the research laboratory “Mathematical and Computer Modeling of Social and economic Processes and Systems”at Rivne State Humanitarian University;at Lviv Polytechnic National University (Institute of Computer Sciences and Information Technologies, Scientific and Technical Library).

Number of publications: 131, including2 monographs, 47 articles(10 articles in periodicalsthat arein the scientific databases Scopus,Web of Science; 26 in professional Ukrainian periodicals; 5 articles in periodicals of other states; 6 in scientific journalsof Ukraine), 81 thesis, 1 certificate of copyrightwork registration. According to the Scopus database, the total number of references to authors' publications presented in the work is 21, h-index (at work) = 3; according to the Google Scholar database, the total number of referencesis 70, the h-index (at work) =3.