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Mathematical and computer modeling of optimazation placement problem of three-dimensional objects with account technological constraints

Work number - M 13 AWARDED

Presented by the A.Pidgorny Institute of Mechanical Engineering Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

 By Chugay A.M.


The aim of work is to effectively solving of optimization placement problem of three-dimensional objects with account technological constraints by constructing an exact mathematical models and development approaches based on the use of modern nonlinear programming methods.

The author obtains new results in the class of problems of searching for optimal placements of three-dimensional objects by considering simultaneous continuous rotations and translations and making use of modern methods of nonlinear optimization in all stages of solving problems. 

Scientific basis of solving important scientific and technical problems including construction of exact mathematical models and development of effective methods of searching for the optimal placement of non-orientednon-convex three-dimensional objects with account technological constraints are constructed.

New mathematical models and methods for solving a class of problems under consideration are proposed

In comparison with world analogues, the proposed models and methods are at a higher level due to getting much better results in less time. The world level of created tools of mathematical modeling is confirmed by publications in international journals and approbation at international conferences and symposia.

Some of the results were implemented at the stage of design in solving the component layout design problems for the aviation industry in the state enterprise "Kharkov machinery plant" FED ".

The economic effect of investigations can be achieved due touse of computer modeling of real processes and structures of materials instead of expensive full-scale experiments. This leads to significant savings of runtime and costs.

Number of publications: 64, including 1 monograph (foreign edition), articles - 32 (8  in foreign journals). According database Scopus total number of references to publications of the author is 73, h-index = 5; by Google database Scholar total number of links is 191, h-index = 7.