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Компьютерные технологии планирования хирургических вмешательств

Work number - M 4 FILED

Presented by Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics

 Authors: Tymkovych M.Y., Kukharenko, D.V.

 The aim of the work is to increase the effectiveness of surgical interventions using computer technology.

Since the existing methods of conducting surgical interventions are based on the parameters of the so-called "average human" without taking into account the individual anatomical structure, it is necessary to avoid the occurrence of severe unpredictable consequences. The use of computer planning technologies can speed up and simplify the work of a doctor, help him avoid his own mistakes, prepare a doctor for the possible emergence of severe, undesirable, unpredictable situations, and possible ways of avoiding them. The main task of computer planning is the choice of many possible options, the least traumatic way of performing a surgical intervention for a person, taking into account its anatomical features. The authors based on theoretical research and experiments developed the means of computer planning of surgical interventions that allow objectifying the process of planning and performing the surgical intervention, and as a result, it allows increasing the efficiency of surgical interventions by 27%. A scientific basis has been created concerning the formalization of the process of computer planning of surgical interventions on the structures of the brain and the oculomotor apparatus. The basic conceptual bases for reducing the diameter of the trephine hole from 25 mm to 17 mm have been formed, which contributes to reducing the overall risk of the trauma of intervention. It is suggested to be used in medical institutions to reduce the patient's stay time under anesthesia. Implemented a specialized software for planning surgical interventions. They have advantages over such world analogs as Stereotactic Planning Software, MNPS, SEE ++.

Implemented in the public healthcare institution "Regional Clinical Hospital –Center for Emergency Medical Care and Disaster Medicine", Department of Neurosurgery (Kharkiv);Kremenchuck City Children's Hospital, Ophthalmology Department (Kremenchuk).

The economic effect from the introduction: showed the possibility of saving about 10 000 UAH for one hospital. For Ukraine, the economic effect of 10 million UAH annually.


Common amount of works is 61, including on the work subject: 29 papers (5 – in foreign journals). A common amount of references to the works of the authors according to Scopus database is 14 (4 papers at Scopus database), h-index of quoting is 1 (according to Scopus database). A common amount of references to the works of the authors according to Google Scholar database is 36 (42 papers at Google Scholar database), h-index of quoting is 3 (according to Google Scholar database). Innovation and competitiveness of technical solutions are protected by 2 patents. On this subject, 2 PhD thesis are defended.