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Innovation techniques for high-efficient and low-polluting power plants of new generation

Work number - M 64 AWARDED

AuthorsMinchev D. S., Gogorenko O. A., Mitenkova V. S., Mostipanenko A. B.

Presented by Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding, Mykolayiv

The presented paper is devoted to the important scientific and technical problem of solutions development for systems and subsystems of high-efficient power plants of new generation. The following complexes of solutions are presented: development and design of the combined internal combustion engine supercharging systems, development and design of the combined internal combustion engine cooling systems, development and design of the alternative fuel systems for power plants, development and design of the low-polluting combustion chambers for stationary gas-turbine engines.

The arrangement of mathematical models and software products is presented. These models are: coupled simulation of combined internal combustion engine working processes for various configurations of supercharge and cooling system, including simulation of engine steady and unsteady behavior; simulation of alternative fuel system configurations for power plants which utilize liquefied natural gas or biodiesel fuel; simulation of chemically-reacting flow parameters for low-polluting gaseous fuel combustion chambers of stationary gas-turbine engines.

The results of experimental research obtained from the scientific full-size engine test benches are also presented. The following engines were tested VME B-404 (4ЧН 8,5/8,8), 6ЧН 13/14, 8ЧН 12/12, 10ДН 20,7/2×25,4, 16ЧН 26/26, 6ЧН 25/34. These results contain important information about peculiarities of investigated processes and were used for developed mathematical models validation and verification.

The following solutions for practical applications are presented: new high-efficient supercharge and cooling systems for automotive, marine and stationary combined internal combustion engines; new alternative fuel systems for ship power plants; improved design of combustion chamber for gas-turbine stationary engine.

Main results of the paper have been practically realized for following enterprises and organizations: State Enterprise GTSPC “Zorya-Mashproekt”, Mykolayiv; РJSC “Berislav Machine-building plant”, Beryslav, Kherson Region; “Locomotive depot of Mykolayiv”, Mykolayiv; “Vool Design Office”, Donetsk; OJSC “Chernomorsudoproekt”, Mykolayiv; OJSC “Ukrainian research institute of ship mechanical engineering”, Mykolayiv.

The saving rate of practical implementation is about 3 million UAH.

Presented developments are state-of-the-art for this moment and confirmed by patents.

Scientific results are presented in 1 published monograph, 4 thesises for the candidate degree in technical sciences, 47 scientific papers, including 3 papers referred in Scopus database. The novelty of the paper is defended by 6 patents.

The total number of published works is 120.