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Fundamentals of environmentally safe natural resource management system forming for sustainable development of Ukraine

Work number - P 12 FILED

Presented by the Ukrainian National Forestry University

Authors: Yu.Yu. Tunytsya, L.S. Hryniv, J.M. Kornienko, V.P. Melnyk, I.P.Soloviy, A.V. Stepanenko, T.Yu. Tunytsya

The aim is to studyand implement innovative system of environmentally sound system of natural resource management for sustainable development of Ukraine.

The authors based on theoretical and applied research identifiedopportunities to involve the potential of different scientific disciplines to address the multifaceted problems of overcoming the contradictions between economic and ecological systems for sustainable development.

A scientific basesdeveloped fornew ecological economics paradigm of environmentally safe and effective natural resource use.

The conceptual foundations for designing institutional environment of national and global environmental security.

It were proposeda fundamentally new criteria of ecological and economic efficiency of natural resource management; conception of greening of education, science and economy; methodological principles of the World Environmental Constitution; preventive measures in environment al protection.

Interdisciplinary methods for forming the system of environmentally safe nature resource management system,the concept of greening of educationintroduced. The technology of fertilizer production from  industrial wastes for environmentally sound agriculture developed.

Comparison with world analogues. Research findings meet international scientific counterparts, as it demonstrated by presentation and discussions at the international forums of the highest level (particularly four sessions of the United National General Assembly) and publications in international scientific journals.

Implemented - research results implemented in national and regional complex and targeted program of territorial and sectoral development of Ukraine; an interdisciplinary master's program  for new specialty " ecological  economist” in 16 universities of Ukraine .

The economic effect of the introduction consists of traditional economic  effect and ecological effect (cause by improving the quality of the living environment and human health). With the establishment of the system of environmentally sound  system of natural resource management integrated ecological and economic  effect of the application of research results constitute at least 25% of Ukraine's GDP.

Number of publications: 230, including 20 monographs, 7 textbooks (manuals), 163 articles (25 - in international journals). According to the Scopus database total number of the citation of  authors, presented in the  research  is 310, h-index (of  the work) = 4; according to the Google Scholar total number of  citations - is  1859, h-index (of  the work) = 5-14. Novelty and competitive technical solutions are protected  by 37 patents,9Doctoral and 67PhD  theses defended  on the subject of study.