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Development and implementation of technologies providing technogenic and environmental safety in the coal mining regions under the liquidation of the mining enterprises of Ukraine

Work number - P 33 AWARDED

Аиthors:Korzh P.P., Nedoluzhko V.M., Buzylo V.I., Kostenko V.K., Pavlychenko A.V.,Ulitsky O.A.,Ermakov V.M., Akimov O.A, Diachenko A.P., Nalivayko Ya.M.


The important problem of overcoming catastrophic man-made environmental and social effects of restructuring of the Ukrainian coal industry as well as ensuring environmental safety of processes of mass elimination of loss and unprofitable coal mines is solved.

The theory is developed and a system of technological and environmental safety control in coal mining regions under the liquidation of mining companies is created. The mechanisms of transformation of the environment, the rock mass, surface and infrastructure objects, depending on the way the coal mines liquidation are defined.

The technology of stability management of the rock mass and the Earth's surface at different ways to the coal mines liquidation is developed; as well as technologies for reducing water inflow of closed mines and engineering protection of the earth's surface from flooding and waterlogging; and disposal methods of waste of coal mining are developed.

Implementation of the developed technologies in the coal mines of DTEK, SE "Lvivcoal" and other enterprises which carry out liquidation of mines, allowed to provide the fulfillment of the requirements of technological and environmental safety at all stages of mining enterprises closure and to get economic benefit of more than 250 million UAH.

The results of this work have been used in the development of five sectoral guidance documents.

Scientific results of work are shown in the 25 books and over 200 articles (including 45 foreign journals). Novelty and competitive of technical solutions are protected by 20 copyright certificates and patents. Three doctoral and six candidate theses are defended on this subject.