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Development and implementation of a new class of eutectic composite materials in engineering enterprises innovative technologies

Work number - P 11 AWARDED

Authors:Panarin V. E, Kindrachuk M. V, Loboda P. I, Titov V. A, Ivshchenko L.I.,  Cherepova T.S., Kotsjuba V. Ju, Merkulov V.M.

G.V.Kurdyumov's Institute for Metal Physics NАS of Ukraine


 The purpose of work is the decision of the important economic problem of durability and reliability increase of frictions units and highly loaded elements in modern machines and mechanisms in aviation, machine engineering industry, agricultural mechanical engineering and decrease in the expenses connected with corrosion and deterioration of traditional constructional materials, and opportunities expansion of creation in the newest techniques.

The scientific noveltyconsists in the development of a new class of eutectic alloys on the iron and cobalt basis with carbide and boride hardening on the basis of experimentally constructed phase diagrams, the development of theoretical bases and implementation of the finish plastic coating treatment of the developed eutectic alloys, the formation regularities finding of formed in refractory eutectic systems at different thermodynamically nonequilibrium conditions of thermomechanical processing structurally-phase states and properties

The scientific resultshave been widely practical using in various industries, in particular at manufacturing of the serial gas-turbine engine blades of the modern planes "Ruslan", AN-225 «Mriya», АN-70, АN-148, TU-144; implementation of eutectic alloy surface treatment technology by finish smoothing and isothermal compacting of GTE compressor blades; implementation of eutectic alloy surface treatment technology by finish smoothing and isothermal compacting of GTE compressor blades; implementation of surface ultrasonic smoothing of eutectic coatings used to produce HPC rotors of products D18-T and AI-222-25

Developed eutectic alloys powders and technologies of their covering in the form of coatings are implemented in machinery industry enterprises on: locking steam fittings CHP; elements of mold technological equipment for injection molding; water cooling pump shafts of hot metal cutting knife and heat treatment line carrying rollers; bimetallic bushings of dry friction units; boring bars and pen drills; feed mill agricultural machines knives. The replacement of traditional powders for weld deposit and sputtering by more cheap eutectic alloys on the basis of iron has enabled to save expensive components such as Mn, Mo, V,  Ni, Cr.

The general economic benefitof work results introduction makes: from 1976 to 1982 – 93750 roubles, from 1991 to 1995 – 1861.629 million karbovantsiv, from 1998 to 2015 - 812.872 million hryvnas.

Publicationson the topic of work: Mmonographs 10, from them 2 in foreign language;articles 70, from them 14 in foreign language; patents38, from them 10 USSRand 28 Ukraine.Articles on 6 references – 8 pieces, articles on 7 references – 6 pieces, articles on 8 references – 6 pieces. In total: 138 pieces.  

Total number of citations by the database GOOGLE  SCHOLAR, Total h-index of work - 6.

Theses were protected 6 doc. and 10 cand. Degrees.