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The Crimean Tatar Language in Ethnic-Cultural Environment of Crimea

Work number - M 48 FILED

Represented by O.O. PotebniaInstitute of LinguisticsNational Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

 Author: Tyshchenko-MonastyrskaOksanaOleksandrivna

 Research purpose is a study of actual problems of the modern Crimean Tatar linguistics, learning modern and historical language processes of the Crimean Tatar language on the base of ethnic and cultural diverse of Crimea.

Author on the base of theoretical and practical research stated

1) the Crimean Tatar postpositions functioning features(in case ofsimilative, equative, comparativepostpositions);

2) positionand status of the Criamean Tatar language in the Linguistic Landscape of Crimea;

1)          interraction of the Crimean Karaim, Krymchak and Crimean Tatar.

Research base for investigation of some morphological units, for example postpositions, affixes of the Crimean Tatar language was created. Also the multiethnic region Linguistic Landscape features, namely visual representation of the minor language in public space was represented.  As well as endangered languages of Ukraine  written sources, for example Crimean Karaim and Krymchak manuscripts analitical base developed.

Conceptual basic of the learning actual problems of minority languages of Ukraine developed.

New methods in research of ethnic and cultural identity of minority native speakers in Ukraine were represented as well as language policy tasks.

Publications:16, among them2 monographs, 14 papers(2 – in foreign journals). According toGoogleShcolardatabase general number of references- is13, h-index= 2. 1 PhDthesisdefended