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Цикл наукових праць "Структура і динаміка геофізичних полів як відображення еволюції та взаємодії геосфер в Антарктиці"

Work number - P 43 AWARDED

Authors: Bakhmutov V.G., Hlotov V.M., Greku R.Kh., Yegorova T.P., Zalizovski A.V., Koloskov A.V., Korchagin I.N., Maksymchuk V.Yu., Pronenko V.A., Tretyak K.R.


The work is submitted by theInstitute of Geophysics by S.I.Subbotin name of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

This work presents the achievements of research in Antarctic Earth Sciences during 20 years from the start of activity of Ukraine on the ice continent. An integrated approach, combining specialists ingeology, geophysics, geodesy, radio physics, electromagnetism and instrument-makingindustry, allowed at the unit position to explore a wide range problems of natural sciences on the uniquepolygon of Ukrainian Antarctic station “Akademik Vernadsky”.

It was created the base (polygons, methodology, hardware systems, technologies, theoretical models, database of monitoring observations) for the study the interaction of different geospheres according to the space-and-time structure of geophysical fields in the range from seconds (magnetosphere-ionosphere) to millions of years (tectonosphere). New approaches and processing methods are proposed for remote sounding data (including satellite), tectonomagnetic and magnetovariational observation, monitoring the dynamics of the ice sheet, electromagnetic sounding.

A numberof new fundamental results on the dynamics of geophysical fields and geosphere interaction have been obtained. In particular there are the models of geodynamic evolution and deep-structures of lithosphere, geocosmos processes, connections of atmospheric and space weather systems, long-term changes of environment, resource potential of the region.

The authorsowned the majority of original ideas that formed the basis of geological and geophysical as well as geocosmos investigations in the Ukrainian State Research Program in Antarctica and provide an active participation in the International Polar Year 2007/2008.The results allowed to create scientific and methodological framework and basis for the growth targeted research not only in terms of fundamental research, but also in the practical interests of Ukraine due to political and economic prospects of use the marine and natural resources of Antarctica in future.

The research resultsare presented in more than 400 publications, including 7 monographs, 223 papersin refereed journals (including 69 in foreign editions). They have been cited in more than 450 scientific journals; the total number of references to publications of the authors - 1020 (according to the Scopus), average h-index = 5,5. In total there were obtained 13 patents. On the subject there were defense 7 and 3 thesis of doctor and candidate in science.