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Advanсed technologies for mining and processing of mineral raw materials of primary and technogenic deposits

Work number - P 13 FILED

Submitted by the State Institution of Higher Education"KryvyiRih National University".

Authors: Stupnik M.I., Oliinyk T.A., Peregudov V.V., Protasov V.P., Sobko B.Yu., Fedin K.A., Korolenko M.K.

The aim of the work is to increase the efficiency of subsurface minerals use based on the creation and implementation of a new system of advanced technologies for mining and processing of primary and technogenic deposits as a raw material base of Ukraine and its prospective development in getting more complicated mining and geological conditions.

The authors, based on theoretical studies and experiments, developed methods for determining and monitoring the parameters of reliability of the steady-state condition of pit benches and walls, controlling the blasting quality in the preparation of rock mass. The regularities of the change in the pit working areaand the parameters of the concentration of mining operations in it are established. Dependences of the efficiency of mineralraw materials mining on the depth and mining-geological conditions of its occurrence are discovered and established. Rational technological schemes for the development of heavily watered placer and technogenic deposits are substantiated and implemented.

Economically expedient areas of application and long-term development of cyclic-continuous technology on pits deep horizons in combinations with other modes of transport are scientifically proved. Areas for using the technology of dry magnetic separation are proposed. Scientific bases and technologies for processing of difficult-to-treat magnetite quartzites, additional flotation of primary concentrates with obtaining high-quality concentrates are developed. Basic conceptual bases for attracting to mining and processing off-boundaries raw materials reserves, oxidized ferruginous quartzites, magnetite quartzites of underground mining, titanium-zirconium sands and technogenic deposits (wastes of beneficiation) are formed.

Scientific and technical solutions to increase the competitiveness of commercial products by reducing the costs of mining, beneficiation of iron ores and titanium-zirconium sands, maintaining and developing the raw materials base of mining enterprises are implemented.

Practical significance is the efficiency increase of subsurface minerals use and competitiveness of products of the enterprises of the mining complex of Ukraine in the markets for raw materials consumption, which ensures sustainable and environmentally safe operation of the raw materials base.

The total annual economic effect from the introduction of research results and a set of technical solutions amounted to more than 2,29billion UAH.

Number of publications: 336 works, including: 19 monographs and textbooks, 282 articles (22 in foreign publications, 33 in Scopus database), 3 normative documents. The total number of references to the authors' publications is 17 (according to the Scopus database), h-index=2 and 1 (according to the Scopus database). The novelty and competitiveness of technical solutions are protected by 35 copyright certificates and patents. Four doctoral and one candidate theses are defended on this subject.