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State prizes

Number Title of work Presentation
P19 Formation of well-balanced agro-ecosystems for the production of domestic winter wheat seeds (Number of comments: 40)
P20 Elaboration and application to the production of innovative resource energy retain technologies of pork production. (Number of comments: 0)
P20 High productive maize hybrids (selection, biotechnology, seed production) (Number of comments: 79)
P20 Theory and practice of development, achievements and records sports car brands “KHADI” (Number of comments: 15)
P21 Scientific begrounding and installation in production of innovations methods to increase of sizes og high quality milk and beef production in Ukraine (Number of comments: 0)
P22 The creation of energy-efficient railway transport to realize speed passenger transportation (Number of comments: 53)
P25 Resource-saving environmentally friendly technologies of water use in the agricultural sector of Ukraine (Number of comments: 23)
P26 Цикл наукових праць "Інноваційні методи та засоби радіометричного контролю властивостей матеріалів і речовин для наукових, прикладних та виробничих потреб" (Number of comments: 29)
P26 The development and implementation complexes of means for growing corn and other crops (Number of comments: 84)
P27 The safety operation control system of the Odessa port plant ammonia terminal based on continuous monitoring of pipelines and storages technical state (Number of comments: 1)
P27 System of certified grapevine planting material production in Ukraine (Number of comments: 42)
P29 Environmentally sustainable formation of the agricultural landscapes as the basis for food security in Ukraine (Number of comments: 3)
P30 The development and implementation a continuous monitoring system for storages and processing pipelines of Odessa Port Plant ammonia overload complex (Number of comments: 17)
P30 Development and Implementation of Steam Turbine Condensers for Nuclear Power Plants (Number of comments: 33)
P30 Development of design and machine manufacturing technologies for creation of new generation freight cars. (Number of comments: 20)
P30 Improving the efficiency of development of hydrocarbon deposits through the use of the new generation compressor equipment (Number of comments: 22)
P30 Development, implementation and effectiveness of a complex system of veterinary and zootechnical measures of prevention and rehabilitation of livestock of Ukraine against bovine leucosis (Number of comments: 31)
P32 Series of engines and aggregates for special equipment (Number of comments: 16)
P33 The development and implementation in the agricultural production of complexes of means for growing corn and other crops for energy, resource saving technologies (Number of comments: 15)
P33 Establishment, reconstruction and operation of unique engineering structures: constructions, technologies, solutions (Number of comments: 27)
P34 Продовження ресурсу трубопровідного транспорту України (Number of comments: 25)
P35 Resource-saving environmentally friendly technologies of water use in the agricultural sector of Ukraine (Number of comments: 72)
P35 Creation and implementation of high-performance industrial machinery using elastomeric materials in production, processing and mineral processing (Number of comments: 47)
P37 Розробка та впровадження нових ресурсозберігаючих і техногенно-безпечних технологій будівництва метрополітенів і тунелів в Україні (Number of comments: 9)
P37 The series of works «Optimization of biological processes in agro-ecosystems in order to improve their productivity and sustainability» (Number of comments: 69)
P38 Fibrous materials and products of light industry with forecasted barrier medical and biological properties (Number of comments: 22)
P38 Energy-efficient technologies for accelerated erection of industrial and civil construction (Number of comments: 122)
P39 A series of the work “Calculation and design of underground structures” (Number of comments: 7)
P41 Science background of creaton of the Bank of genetic resources of field crops (Number of comments: 25)
P42 Sustainable development of land reclamation in Ukraine in a changing climate (Number of comments: 68)
P42 Creating a new generation compressor equipment (Number of comments: 7)
P42 Methods and devices for control of material's and substanse's properties in the light industry (Number of comments: 0)
P43 Rational use and protection of irrigated land in Ukraine (Number of comments: 20)
P44 Innovative technology resource recycling plant material in food and feed products (Number of comments: 20)
P46 Controllable effects of plastic deformation of product pieces for metallurgy and transport (Number of comments: 18)
P47 AN-148-100/AN-158 airplane design, building and setting into operation (Number of comments: 10)
P50 Development and implementation of the complex of safe operation means for railway transport (Number of comments: 20)
P52 Створення випробувального комплексу ракетно-космічної техніки (Number of comments: 8)
Number Title of work Presentation
П1 Chemist’s technology of drugs (Number of comments: 51)
П1 Set of books (well drilling in 5 books) (Number of comments: 37)
П1 Pharmacology (Number of comments: 179)
П1 Medical microbiology, virology and immunology (Number of comments: 104)
П1 Technical and technology of water well drilling (Number of comments: 19)
П2 Consolidation of metals and metallic compositions (Number of comments: 73)
П2 А series of the work «GEOLOGY» (Number of comments: 21)
П2 The set of books (electronic equipment in 3 books) (Number of comments: 17)
П2 Цикл підручників "Україна в світовій політиці" (Number of comments: 214)
П2 Immunology (Number of comments: 458)
П2 Technical thermodynamics (Number of comments: 29)
П3 Pharmacology (Number of comments: 103)
П3 The modern technology in construction (Number of comments: 37)
П3 Modern technology in construction (Number of comments: 59)
П3 Actual Problems of Meat-Processing Industry (Number of comments: 0)
П3 Obstetrics and gynecology (Number of comments: 533)
П4 Ветеринарне акушерство, гінекологія та біотехнологія відтворення тварин з основами андрології (Number of comments: 52)
П4 Цикл підручників "Основи теорії кіл" (у 2-х частинах), "Електродинаміка та поширення радіохвиль" (у 2-х частинах). (Number of comments: 57)
П4 Money and credit (Number of comments: 44)
П4 А series of the work on the topic:«Economics» (Number of comments: 65)
П5 Agricultural Entomology (Number of comments: 1)
П5 Audit (Number of comments: 264)
П5 The series of the Textbooks (Number of comments: 0)
П6 Bases of electronic circuits theory (Number of comments: 500)