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Spectroscopy of excited states of atoms and ions in metal vapor plasma: mechanisms of elementary processes

Work number - M 22 FILED

Presented Institute of Electron Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

ROMAN Viktoria - Candidate of Phys.-Math. Sciences, senior researcher, head of the Department of Electron Processes and Elementary Interactions of the Institute of Electron Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine


This cycle of scientific research is devoted to obtaining a number of scientifically based experimental and theoretical results which are important for understanding the mechanisms of elementary processes occurring at the interaction of electrons with atomic systems as well as resonance and autoionization phenomena accompanying these processes.

Almost all the results of scientific research presented in this cycle of works were obtained for the first time in world practice. The practical significance of the obtained results is due to wide application of metals as main or additional component of various plasma environments including optical frequency standards and lasers in the ultraviolet range. The data obtained in the work from the absolute cross sections of electron excitation and ionization will be used to diagnose the energy and charge composition of various types of laboratory plasma as well as to analyze the spectral distribution of plasma radiation in gas discharge devices.

Number of publications: 6 articles in Scopus/WoS and 20 abstracts of reports at international conferences (including 5 individual ones). The total number of references to authors' publications/h-index according to databases is: Web of Science 26/3, Scopus 31/3, Google Scholar 66/4, respectively.