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Functional micro- and nanostructured multilayer materials

Work number - M 38 AWARDED

Presented National Technical University – «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute»

Sc.D. Maizelis A.O., Ph.D. Pinchuk N.V., Voloshchuk V.V.

The authors for the first time in the world proposed the principles of electrochemical formation of multilayer materials by periodically changing the current density or potential in polyligand electrolytes with alternating layers of Cu-Sn-Ni-Zn alloys of different phase composition to improve physicochemical and physical properties of materials.

Physical mechanisms of formation of multilayer coatings at simultaneous radiation damage and relaxation process of structure defects are offered. It is established that the textural state and defects especially affect the mechanical properties of coatings, and the nano- and microhardness of multilayer nitride composites reaches the level of 42 – 45 GPa.

Strength characteristics and micromechanisms of plastic deformation of high-entropy alloys of TiZrHfNbTa system with BCC lattice in a wide range of low temperatures are determined, activation parameters for thermoactivated dislocation motion are calculated.

The possibility of using microstructured ceramic materials based on Celsius and Slavsonite to create coatings and parts with stable low dielectric characteristics in a wide range of radio frequencies 25.8 - 37.5 GHz has been experimentally proven.

The obtained results are of significant practical importance for the energy, medicine, engineering, nuclear, chemical, electrical and aerospace industries, as well as for environmental protection.

The results of the research were implemented at the Kharkiv Machine-Building Plant "FED", SPE "Ecopolymer", SScPE "Kommunar Corporation", Yuzhnoye SDO named after M.K. Yangel” (Dnipro) and at the KSSIE ”Kvarsyt” of the Ukroboronprom State Enterprise (Kostiantynivka), as well as in the software of the MTech PGP-550S potentiostat.

Number of publications: 1 monograph, 58 articles (23 in English-language journals with impact factor). The total number of citations of publications of authors/h-index of the work, according to databases, respectively: Web of Science - 116/6, Scopus - 161/8, Google Shcolar - 251/9. 6 patents of Ukraine are received.