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Synthesis, thermodynamic properties and phase equilibria of chalcogenide and chalcohalide systems of different functional application

Work number - M 31 AWARDED

Presented National University of Water and Environmental Engineering

Doctor of Chemical Science Moroz M.V.

The present work is devoted to the establishment of the formula composition, synthesis conditions and thermodynamic properties of compounds of separate sections of the equilibrium T–x space of the chalcogenide and chalcohalide systems at T<600 K. The data on thermodynamic properties of multicomponent compounds and phase diagrams of systems based on them are generalized and systematized.

A low-temperature (T<600 K) electrochemical method for the synthesis of silver-containing compounds in the positive electrodes of electrochemical cells from metastable mixtures of simple substances or simple substances and binary or ternary compounds has been developed.

For the first time, a scientific approach to the establishment of phase equilibria in three- and four-element systems at temperatures when there are kinetic obstacles to achieving a state of thermodynamic equilibrium has been proposed.

Crystalline and glassy superionic alloys – materials of different functional purpose were synthesized.

Number of publications: 73, incl. 1 chapter of the monograph in a foreign publishing house, 43 articles (36 – in English-language journals with an impact factor). The total number of references to the authors' publications/h-index of work, according to the databases is respectively: Web of Science – 130/8, Scopus – 161/8, Google Scholar – 203/9.