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Ensuring the development of small business in the conditions of transformation of the national economy of Ukraine.

Work number - M 18 FILED

Presented Poltava University of economics and trade

Strilets V. Yu

Number of publications: 1 scientific papers were published, including 1 single monograph, chapters in 3 collective monographs, 23 - in leading professional publications, indexed by international databases, including 21 publications have professional status, 2 - indexed by Scopus and 1 - Web of Science database, 14 publications in conference proceedings. The volume of publications was 41.48 da, of which 39.08 da personally owned by the author. The total number of links to the author's publications is 92, the h-index is 6 (Google Scholar database) and the number of links to the author's publications is 5 and the h-index is 1 (Scopus database). As a result of the work received a certificate of registration of copyright to the work (monograph "Ensuring the development of small businesses: theory, methodology, practice"): register 109307 from November 10, 2021.