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Development of fundamental and applied approaches to the formation of sustainable urban ecosystems using native and alien woody plants

Work number - M 17 AWARDED

Presented National Dendrological Park «Sofiyivka» of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Candidate of Biological Sciences Porokhniava Olga L.; Candidate of Biological Sciences Tarabun Maryna O.; Tsybulia Maryna M.

The authors found out the resistance of native and alien woody plants of the flora of Polissya and the Forest-Steppe zone to abiotic and edaphic environmental factors. The approaches to the promising use of plants in the creation of artificial phytocenoses in urban areas was suggested.

The recommended species of the genera Cladrastis Raf., Pseudotsuga Carr., Ampelopsis Michx. and Parthenocissus Planch. have valuable decorative features, are promising in ornamental horticulture, can be chosen to create aesthetic comfort and help improve the psycho-emotional state of people in urban conditions.

Analysis of the allelopathic interaction of Picea abies (L.) H. Karst and Pseudotsuga menziesii (Mirb.) Franco indicates the possibility of growing P. menziesii on the site of lost plantings of P. abies, which is especially relevant at the current rate of drying of spruce plantations.

Ways to improve the phytomeliorative condition of disturbed areas by using plants of the genus Parthenocissus as soil cover species with anti-erosion properties have been proposed.