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Nanoscale film stacks with magnetic and nonmagnetic layers for modern spintronics and nanoelectronics applications

Work number - M 5 AWARDED

Presented Nominated by National Technical University of Ukraine "Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute named after Igor Sikorsky"

Dr. I.A. Vladymyrskyi

Scientific bases and practical recommendations for control of structural-phase states and physical properties of multilayer systems based on Fe/Pt doped with magnetic (Mn, Tb) and nonmagnetic elements (Au, Ag) of interest in the production of information storage devices, emitters and detectors of electromagnetic radiation, thin-film permanent magnets, etc. have been developed.

Systematic studies of thermally-induced diffusion and ordering processes under different kinetic regimes and mechanisms in such materials have been carried out. Practically important intervals of thermal stability of hard-magnetic L10-FePt phase, revealing a set of unique magnetic properties (high values ​​of magneto-crystalline anisotropy energy, coercivity, saturation magnetization and Curie temperature), were established. A wide range of possible applications of the proposed new combinations of materials in multilayer compositions based on FePt in modern nanotechnologies is substantiated. Basic fundamental ideas about the mechanisms of diffusion processes and structural-phase transitions in vacuum-condensed nanomaterials have been developed and deepened.

A radically new approach to the formation of the highly ordered ferromagnetic nanoscale materials, proposed by the author, lies in the deposition of heterogeneous structures based on Fe/Pt with additional layers of alloying elements followed by the controlled heat treatment in high vacuum. While the traditional method of these materials manufacturing is the thermal treatment of thin films with the initial homogeneous structure of the disordered FePt alloy.

The established physical patterns, developed model representations, as well as defined practically important characteristics create scientific bases of management in wide temperature ranges of structural-phase states and physical properties of heterogeneous film systems with various configurations of magnetic and nonmagnetic nanolayers and are of interest for development of innovative technologies for film elements, nanoelectronics and spintronics devices production.

Leading domestic companies in the field of micro- and nanoelectronics – Gressem Innovation LLC and Kvazar - Micro DISTI LLC – showed interest in the practical implementation of the results.

The innovative attractiveness of the results is confirmed by the involvement of research funding from the German Research Foundation (DFG) – UAH 1,500,000; NATO “Science for Peace and Security” program in – UAH 1,770,000; and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine – UAH 1,458,000.

According to the Scopus database H-index of I.A. Vladymyrskyi is 7, general number of publications – 156 (Scopus ID – 55498048400).

Number of publications: 2 monographs (1 published abroad by Springer), 1 tutorial, 24 papers in the journals indexed by Scopus (20 – in in English-language journals). The total number of citations/H-index of the work: Web of Science – 97/7, Scopus – 145/7, Google Scholar – 214/8.