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Innovative technologies to increase reliability, energy efficiency and environmentality of ship power plants

Work number - M 59 AWARDED

Presented Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

Savenkov О., Barabanova J., Moskovko О., Pyrysunko М.

The aim of the work is to increase the reliability, energy efficiency and environmental friendliness of ship power plants (SPP) as part of the propulsive complex of mechanical energy production in ship main engines and its transmission to the shaft line.

The concept of increasing the efficiency of marine power plants as part of propulsive complexes of mechanical energy production in ship main internal combustion engines and gas turbine engines (internal combustion engines and gas turbine engines) operating on both natural fuels and liquefied gases by using exhaust gas and recirculation exhaust gases from the exhaust manifold to the inlet manifold at the intake of the cylinders by the heat-utilization chillers (HUCh) cooling the cyclic air of engines with a corresponding increase in their power and reduction of fuel consumption, and in the case of liquefied gases - regasification energy by thermoacoustic heat engines (TAHE), transmitting the power to the shaft by the clutch with uniform distribution of forces between conjugated pairs of teeth, as a consequence, reduction of repair costs and the probability of accidents due to the skew of the axes of the connected shafts.

Its implementation is especially relevant for the operation of ships and high-speed energy-saving ships of the Coast Guard, when the increased temperature of the air at the inlet of the engines causes a decrease in their power and, consequently, speed, and operation in the coast sea areas raises the issue of engine greening, including exhaust gas recirculation to the intake of cylinders.

The world novelty of developments is protected by 46 patents of Ukraine for inventions and utility models. The results of the research are implemented in the State Enterprise "Zorya" - "Mashproekt" (Mykolayiv); "Ukrainian Research Institute of Ship Engineering Technology" (Mykolaiv); Mykolayiv Shipyard "Ocean" (Mykolayiv); "D. Energy”(Mykolaiv), “ NIKROS ”(Mykolaiv), “ HIT ENERGY GROUP ”(Kherson).

A number of new technologies have been developed jointly with scientific centers of the People's Republic of China (Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, Zhenjiang), Poland (West Pomeranian, Szczecin, and Koszalin technical universities), with which joint research is conducted within treaties, international conferences.

The economic effect of the implementation is over UAH 2 million.

Number of publications: 56 articles. According to the Scopus database, the total number of references to the authors' publications is 14, h-index (by work) = 3; according to the Web of Science database, the total number of references to the publications of the authors 6, h-index -0; according to the Google Scholar database, the total number of links is 130, h-index (by work) = 12.