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Modern concept of legal counteraction of dministrative delinquency in ukraine in the conditions of european integration

Work number - M 28 FILED

Presented National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine

SHULGA Ievgenii Viktorovych - Doctor of Science in Law, Associate Professor, Professor of the Department of International Law and Comparative Law of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine

A conceptual model of prevention of administrative delinquency in Ukraine has been created and tested, based on the strategy of strengthening moral and ethical values of the population and promoting zero tolerance for administrative offenses, based on the introduction of a system of educational measures, financial incentives, detection and notification of delinquency, reintegration and social reintegration persons and homeless children, conducting special psychological, educational and legal training of police officers, coordinating law-making activities of law enforcement agencies, collecting statistical data, forecasting system of administrative delinquency and assessing the effectiveness of preventive measures, introduction of permanent monitoring of causes and conditions contributing to administrative torts and response to them, etc. Proposals have been developed to optimize administrative delict law in accordance with the provisions of the Association Agreement with the EU, which should take place in the following areas: adoption of a new codified act "Administrative-delict code of Ukraine", National and Regional concepts of combating administrative torts, etc. A human-centric concept of administrative-tort relations in Ukraine has been formed, which corresponds to European legal traditions and includes: ensuring the core role of human in administrative-tort relations, revision of principles in terms of recognizing the basic principle of rule of law and consolidating the principle of presumption of innocence, encroachment on the established order of management and protection of human rights and freedoms:.

The provisions of the conceptual model of prevention of administrative tort in the practical activities of law enforcement agencies have been implemented. Compared to the concepts of counteracting the administrative tort of the EU countries, the developImplemented: National Police of Ukraine in Kiev, the Military Prosecutor's Office of the Southern Region, the Supreme Court of Ukraine, the Office of the President of Ukraine, the National Law University named after Yaroslav Mudryi, Sumy Argarian University, NULES of Ukraine.

Number of publications: 6 monographs, 43 articles (6 - in English-language journals with impact factor). The total number of references to the author's publications / h-index of the work, according to the databases is respectively: Web of Science - 5/1, Google Shcolar - 47/4.