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Improvement of energy efficiency and environmental safety of the hydrogen thermobaric-chemical technology for stimulation hydrocarbon recovery


Presented A.Pidhornyi Institute of Mechanical Engineering Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Veligotskyi D.O., Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Scientific Researcher of Department of Non-traditional Energy Technologies.

The aim of work is to effectively solving a topical scientific-and-practical problem of increasing the energy effectiveness and environmental friendliness of the chemical-technological process for intensifying hydrocarbon production, which is based on an integrated usage of anomalous properties of hydrogen as an activator of diffusion and filtration processes.

An experimental complex was developed to study the kinetics of thermobaric-chemical processes and for physical modeling of the integral effect, including the hydrogen one, on the change of flow properties and permeability of the rock.

A technique was developed for determining the most effective chemical-technological process for the technology of integrated hydrogen thermobaric-chemical effect. It is based on a comparative analysis of the results of action of chemical-technological processes, differing in nature, on the recovery of the permeability of colmataged rock cores.

The computer 3D model of the multistage process of the hydrogen thermobaric-chemical effect on production horizons of wells was refined. Its refinement method accounted for the results of experimental study of the unsteady process of recovery of rock permeability due to the integrated hydrogen thermobaric-chemical action.

The algorithm developed for preparing to implement the technology with account of the results of physical and mathematical simulation was used in exploratory-industrial introductions of the technology at wells in Ukraine, India, Georgia, and Turkey. The results have confirmed the high energy effectiveness and environmental safety of the refined and used chemical-technological processes in both vertical and horizontal wells.

Number of publications: 7 articles (3 in Scopus, 1- Web of Science), 1 – SPE, 6 – Patents; by Scopus database total number of links is 3, h-index = 1; by Google database Scholar total number of links is 14, h-index = 2. On the subject defended 1 PhD thesis.