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Optimization of flow parts of powerful steam turbines for TPPs and NPPs

Work number - M 32 AWARDED

Presented National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute"

Ph.D. Avdieieva O.P., Palkov I.A., Palkov S.A., Ishchenko O.I.

A modern software package has been created, which implements the methodology for the optimal design of the flow paths of steam turbines, taking into account the probable and real operating modes, implemented as a ready-made software product, the use of which can significantly improve the efficiency indicators of new turbine units, as well as modernize existing ones. The use of the "Turboagregat" CAD software complex made it possible to fully perform a set of computational and research works on multi-parameter, multi-criteria optimization of turbine flow paths from 200 to 1250 MW.

The scientific and technical developments indicated in the work allowed the modernization of powerful turbines K-220-44-1M2, K-220-44-3M1, K-220-44-3M2, K-220-44-1M3 of the Paks NPP (Hungary) , modernization of turbine units No. 3, No. 4 to power unit No. 2 of the Armenian NPP, modernization of the K-1000-60 / 1500-2 turbine of power unit No. 5 of Kozloduy NPP (Bulgaria).

The economic effect of using the results of work for 5 years is about UAH 110.00 million.

Number of publications: 30 articles (4 in English-language journals with impact factor). The total number of links to publications of authors / h-index of the work, according to the databases, is respectively: Web of Science - 0/0, Scopus - 18/3, Google Scholar - 18/4. Received 1 patent of Ukraine.