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Formation and implementation of a strategy for introducing a circular economy in Ukraine within the framework of the greening of the European space

Work number - M 24 AWARDED

Presented Southern Scientific Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

Doctor of Economics, Professor V.V. Koval, Ph.D. I.S. Mikhno

The work clarified the content of the essence of the transformation of the Ukrainian economy, the introduction of environmentally friendly technologies and constant monitoring of compliance with the already established standards through the use of knowledge and experience of developed countries, international cooperation, the introduction of state and tax policies to increase the pace of implementation of programs for the greening of the European space.

A methodological approach to assessing the level of implementation of a circular economy has been improved, a methodological approach has been developed to the impact of negative environmental impact on the macroeconomic indicators of enterprises and the quality of life of the population, a model has been improved that takes into account the level of education and culture of the population, the psychological state of the individual, influencing decisions on the rate of change in towards the greening of the Ukrainian economy.

The scenarios of the formation and implementation of the strategy of introducing a circular economy in Ukraine within the framework of the greening of the European space and ways of neutralizing negative externalities, contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of society, have been determined.

Number of publications: ncluding 3 monographs (2 in the EU), 38 articles (21 articles - in publications that are indexed by databases in Web of Science and Scopus), 9 abstracts. The total number of links to publications of authors / h-index of the work, according to the databases, is respectively: Web of Science - 146/9, Scopus - 98/7, Google Shcolar - 546/15.