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Powerful infrasonic signals of natural and man-made origin: fundamental and practical aspects, ecological effects


PhD Student Shevelev Mykyta Bogdanovych

For the first time using NASA's database of 693 cases of large space bodies falling to Earth, the main statistical characteristics were obtained and the main regressions of the dependence of the number of spacecraft falls on geographical coordinates, luminosity energies, initial velocities, maximum luminosity heights, glow energy logarithms. Using system spectral analysis, the main parameters of infrasound generated during the fall of the largest space body in the XXI century (the Chelyabinsk meteoroid, which fully correspond to the world level). For the first time, the statistical characteristics of the main parameters of infrasound generated by a powerful Indonesian meteoroid were obtained using a comprehensive analysis. For the first time, the main dependences of infrasound parameters in atmospheric waveguides, the source of which was the Tunguska space body, were obtained. The main dependences for the parameters of infrasound formed by the volcano St. Helens. The main characteristics of infrasonic signals generated during the man-made disaster near Vinnytsia in September 2017 have been established.

Number of publications: 31, incl. 21 publ. for specialization honored work, 10 articles in special journal (1 – in English-language journals with impact factor). The total number of references to publications of authors / h-index of work, according to databases is respectively: Web of Science – 4/3, Scopus– 7/2.