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Transformation of goethite and hematite of different origin to magnetite in aqueous medium

Work number - M 17 FILED

Presented M.P. Semenenko Institute of Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Ore Formation of the NAS of Ukraine

Antonenko (Savchenko) Tetiana

The aim of scientific work is to establish the peculiarities of transformation of structure and magnetic properties of synthetic and natural iron oxides and hydroxides in aqueous medium under the influence of temperature, pressure, aqueous solution of ferrous sulphate and the influence of microwave heating.

Based on theoretical studies and experiments, the author has determined that the transformation of the structure and magnetic characteristics of samples of synthetic and natural goethite and hematite occurs at temperatures below 100 °C under the influence of microwave heating in the presence of salt (iron (II) sulphate) and alkali (ammonia hydroxide) in aqueous medium and by adding starch gel to the low-magnetic minerals and heating the mixture bymicrowave radiation. As a result of the transformation, magnetite was formed, and the magnetization of the obtained samples increases dozens of times. Scientific bases have been created to explain the mechanisms of transformation of goethite and hematite to magnetite in aqueous medium.

The basic conceptual framework has been formed for solving both the applied problems, related to the processing of oxidized iron ores of the Kryvyi Rih basin and the ecological problems of the iron ore regions, as well as the fundamental problems, related to the mechanisms of transformation of the properties of iron minerals.

There are no analogues in Ukraine for the methods of transformation of the magnetic properties of low-magnetic oxidized iron ores and iron ore waste. In the world, the investigations in this direction are ongoing, but the methods of transformation of goethite and hematite to magnetite are different.

Methods of transformation of goethite and hematite to magnetite in aqueous medium are proposed for the development of new methods for the production of iron ore concentrates from hardly enriched iron ore. The implementation of the results of scientific work opens new opportunities for the production of high quality iron ore concentrates from oxidized iron ores and waste of mining and processing plants.

The obtained results, if implemented, will help to expand the mineral resource base of Ukraine (production of magnetite concentrate) and increase the efficacy of iron ores usage, reduction of waste of their usage, which adversely affect the environment.

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