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Complex orthodontic treatment of patients with metabolic syndrome

Work number - M 7 AWARDED

Presented by the State Establishment "The institute of stomatology and maxillo-facial surgery of the NAMS of Ukraine".

Denga A.E., M.D.

Epidemiological studies have shown that in patients with metabolic syndrome, the incidence of various malocclusion in most cases was much higher than the similar average in Ukraine, intensity of dental caries was quite high and hygienic status of oral cavity worsened. The most negative changes in bone tissue were associated with structural disorders of bone tissue.

The developed scheme of preventive measures on rats during experiment modeling metabolic syndrome and orthodontic treatment effectively prevented disturbance of biochemical parameters of blood, bone tissues and periodontal tissues, leading to reduction of inflammatory, hypoxic and morphological changes in tissues.

Assessment of abnormalities in genetic markers associated with bone metabolism showed that, in the first place, treatment of malocclusion should take into account status of VDR, Col1A1, VEGF, PON, APOE, TGF and NOS markers, as well as the content of methylated DNA of LEP gene.

Over 2 years of observation іn the main group of patients decreased tooth decay, Parma index%, bleeding index, hygiene indices of Silness-Loe and Stallard, in oral liquid decreased triglycerides, cholesterol, glucose, degree of dysbiosis, activity of dysbiosis, activity, as well as normalized the functional state of the microcapillary gums, decreased degree of inflammatory processes in them, indicators of body fat, had more stable results of orthodontic treatment.

Comprehensive orthodontic treatment of patients of the main group provided more stable results in the retention period compared to the comparison group, primarily, patients with II severity of dental deformities.

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