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Progressive building structural systems and technologies of their construction

Work number - P 2 AWARDED

Presented O.M. Beketov National University of Urban Economy in Kharkiv

Babayev V., Evel S., Evserov I., Lantuh-Lyashchenko A., Sukhоnos M., Shevetovsky V., Shimanovsky O., Shmukler V.

The purpose of the work is to develop the scientific and technical bases for the design, creation and implementation of highly efficient and reliable progressive construction structural systems and technologies for their construction, which exceed the state and foreign analogues in ecological, energy and technical and economic indicators, and which are successfully implemented in the design, construction, reconstruction of buildings and structures of various types.

On the basis of theoretical researches and experiments the concept of creation of systems made of reinforced concrete, reinforced concrete, metal, on the basis of which new energy principles underpin topological rationalization of the construct, and, based on their basis, a logic-computational procedure of direct formation of parameters of direct formation of parameters, is determined. in the software complex LIRA 10.n.

The result of using the developed scientific-design method of rational design is the creation of structural systems with a given material cost and maximum bearing capacity and a given resource at a minimum material cost. At the same time, for the first time in the above ideology, it is possible to estimate the residual life of the structure, taking into account the patterns of its degradation over the entire range of the life cycle of construction systems. Designed and erected new building structures by their technical and economic indicators, level of reliability, safety, energy efficiency, environmental friendliness are unique and correspond to the best world practices.

The total economic effect of the implementation of progressive building structural systems for the reconstruction and new construction of housing, objects of the social sphere, engineering structures is more than 3 372 960 thousand UAH.

Number of publications: 360, incl. 15 monographs (2 - published abroad), 15 textbooks (manuals), 270 articles (21 - in English-language magazines with impact factor). The total number of links to author publications / h-index of work, according to the databases is poisonous: Web of Science - 11/2, Scopus - 25/2, Google Shcolar - 1250/13. Received 30 patents of Ukraine for the invention. 4 doctoral and 18 PhD theses are defended on this subject.