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The veinlet-impregnated mineralization how is the perspective indicator oil-and gas-bering rock complexes north-western part of Krosno zone of Ukrainian Carpathians

Work number - M 70 FILED

Presented by the Institute of Geology and Geochemistry of Combustible Minerals of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Author: Zankovych Halyna Onufriivna

The aimof the work is to recreate the fluid regime of the processes of mineralogenesis during the formation of veinlet-impregnated al mineralization of oil and gas prospective rockcomplexes of the north-western part of the Krosno zoneof the Folded Carpathians, an integral part of the Carpathian oil and gas province.

The author, on the basis of theoretical studies and experiments, determined the saturation of the rocks with secondary veinlet mineralization with mineral-containing minerals contained in the fluid inclusions enriched with reducing components (hydrocarbons), which is a direct sign of the prospects of the area for hydrocarbon raw materials.

The scientific basis for the determination of physical and chemical nature and the spatial and temporal sequence of the manifestation of hydrocarbon-containing fluids in the rock complexes of the Krosnozone of the Folded Carpathians region within Ukraine.

The basic conceptual foundations of the fluid source for the formation of vein-impregnated mineralization during formation of hydrocarbon deposits are formed.

Integrated research is proposedof fluid inclusions in minerals of vein-inoculated mineralization with the aim of predicting prospects of the research area for hydrocarbon raw materials are offered.

New approaches for research of rock complexes for prediction of hydrocarbon deposits are implemented.

Comparison with oil and gas fields: Grinyava, Kohanivka, Lutnia.

Recommendations for implementation by industrial organizations at scientific and practical conferences are submitted.

The economic effect of implementation - contributes to the forecast and search of oil and gas fields.

Number of publications: 19, incl. 1 - the author's abstract of the dissertation for the degree of the candidate of geological sciences, 5 articles (1 - in foreign publications). 13 theses of reports and materials of scientific-practical conferences, including 9 - international. The candidate's thesis is protected on this subject.