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“Ukrainian legal doctrine” in 5 volumes.

Work number - P 27 AWARDED

Volume 1. Fundamental, Theoretical and Historical Jurisprudence / ed. by O.V. Petryshyn. – 976 p.; Volume 2. Ukrainian Public Law Doctrine / ed. by Yu. P. Bytiak. – 864 p.; Volume 3. Private Law Doctrine of Ukraine / ed. by N.S. Kuznietsova. – 760 p.; Volume 4. Ecological, Agrarian, Economic and Space Law / ed. by Yu. S. Shemshuchenko – 848 p.; Volume 5. Criminal Law, Criminology and Criminal Procedure / ed. by V. Ya. Tatsii, V. I. Borysov – 1240 p.


Presented by the National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine.

Thelistofcandidates: Yu. H. Barabash A. M. Kolodii M. P. Kucheriavenko S. M. Prylypko A. O. Selivanov V. Yu. Shepitko O. H. Shylo V. S. Shcherbyna.

The aim of the work is to study the historical, theoretical and methodological problems of the formation and development of Ukrainian Legal Doctrine, the problems of improving its constitutional principles, the substance of Administrative, Financial, International Public, Information, Civil, Family, Housing, Labor, International Private Law; to conduct a thorough analysis of current issues of Economic, Agricultural, Land, Environmental Law of Ukraine; to identify the most acute problems of modern Criminal Law, Criminology, Criminal Procedure, Law of Penitentiary and Criminalistics.

The scientific novelty of the publication is substantiated by the fact that this collection is the first five-volume collective monograph in the national scientific domain that, taking into account the achievements of the world of theoretical and legal thought, investigates the national legal doctrine of Ukraine with the use of special methods, ensuring a systematic, analytical explanation of the essence of law, analyzing in detail the peculiarities, problems and contradictions of certain branches of domestic law and determining the prospects and main directions of further development of the legal doctrine of Ukraine.

The practical significance of the monographic study lies in the fact the conclusions and proposals formulated are used in legal acts drafting. In particular, new acquaintance and viewpoints highlighted in the work are reflected in more than 30 draft laws and codes. In addition to the aforementioned, the results of the monographic research have found their practical application in many expert opinions, observations and proposals ordered by of the President of Ukraine, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Supreme Court, the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, other central and local government bodies.

The results of the scientific research were widely implemented into an educational sphere (9 textbooks, 5 scientific and practical comments, etc.) and used by scientists, teachers, postgraduates, students of higher educational institutions, practitioners and the general public. The results of the scientific activity were also used to improve practical legal activity, in particular, a total of 9 scientific-practical manuals for the law enforcement officers, judges of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine and MP’s of Ukraine, were issued.

Major publications: 816, including 87 monographs, 586 articles, 84 textbooks (manuals). According to the Google Scholar database, the total number of citations to the authors' works is 5842, bringing up the h-index (by the work) to a 37 A total of 11 author’s certificates and patents for inventions were obtained. 8 doctoral and 8 candidate's theses have been defended on this subject.