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Transformation in the grain market within the context of the domestic food market capacity and Ukrainian export potential

Work number - M 47 FILED

Author: BODNAR O.V.


The objectiveis development  the methodological approaches and practical proposals for optimization of promising uses grain in the context of the expansion the domestic food market capacity, provision of energy resources and increase the export potential of Ukraine .

Scientific noveltyof the results is development methodological and practical guidelines, proposals for diversification of uses grain produced in Ukraine , which provides full support domestic food requirements , sustainable competitive state in world market , the increase in value added within the country .

There are new approaches to assess the potential capacity of the domestic grain market, taking into account the provision of bread consumption, foodstuffs of animal origin at the level of rational norms, which should be the basis for determining the food security of the country.

Series of scientific papers has priority optimization results obtained domestic grain market by comparing the value added at different points of its formation : through exporting grain; produced grain already in animal products , including milk or meat of pigs, the definition of additional jobs created , and the total value added in growing grain and various areas of its use within the country and for export.

There are methodological approaches a system of thresholds feasibility of processing cereals, corn for bioethanol and determine the scope of their use for combining the food and energy needs of the state.

The results of the cycle are important for solving the economic problems of food and energy supply in Ukraine globalization.

Series of scientific papers consists of 25 publications, including 7 in collective monographs , 11 articles in scientific professional journals published during 2004-2012 .

Total number of publications of the author is  85 scientific papers.