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Theory and practice of preventing corruption in the national police of ukraine: administrative and legal research

Work number - M 46 AWARDED

Provided by Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs


Author: Doctor on Law, Professor Shatrava S.O.


The objective of the paper is comprehensive study of the modern problem of administrative and legal principles of preventing corruption in the activities of the National Police of Ukraine using the methodological apparatus and evaluation of the accumulated theoretical achievements of national and foreign legal science, practical material on the prevention of corruption, a critical analysis of the genesis of the current legislation in this area, practices of its application.

The author, on the basis of theoretical studies, has highlighted the main tendencies of the updated administrative and legal mechanism for preventing corruption in the activities of the National Police; has formed theoretically substantiated propositions concerning the minimization of corruption risks in the activities of the National Police and the improvement of the current legislation.

The author has created scientific basis for the prevention of corruption within the agencies of the National Police as a system category with the application of theoretical and managerial methodology, in particular: on this basis, the author has developed the applied concept of the prevention of corruption and its tasks, objects of prevention; has distinguished its structural elements; has outlined the types of activities that contain the largest number of corruption risks; has characterized administrative tools for preventing corruption risks.

The author has formed the basic conceptual foundations of the national anti-corruption policy, which is united by the national idea of overcoming this negative phenomenon and includes the strategy of development of public and legal relations concerning the elimination, neutralization or limitation of the actions of officials of the National Police agencies.

Priority measures aimed at minimizing the corruption risks during the service at the National Police agencies have been implemented.

The economic effect is to protect anti-corruption changes in economic governance by ensuring the inevitability of punishment for committed corruption offenses.

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