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Theoretical research and development of methods of computerization of power networks of railways of Ukraine as the basis of energy saving and safety of traffic

Work number - M 104 FILED

AuthorGoncharova L. L.

Represented by: the State Economic and Technological Universityof Transport.

On the basis of the conducted analysis of the computer technologies of railway power supply control, it is shown that the modern trends of ensuring the high level of power supply reliability, energy saving and safety of the train traffic are directly connected with computerization and intellectualization of the control procedures of the high-velocity technological processes of the power supply for traction as the most prospective and cost efficient way of efficiency increasing of the power network functioning. In the work, the author resolves a great scientific and technical problem of a great economic importance and is concluded in the fundamental improvement of quality of functioning of the power supply system of the railways of Ukraine. The modern principles of organization and methodology of computerization of the railway power supply networks for creation of the modern technologies of energy saving and improvement of safety of traffic are developed. The methods of registration of the primary information from the integrated general-system positions in the form of T-spectrums are proposed, which are the basis for computerization and intelligent procedure of power supply control.  The methods of synthesis of the parallel architectures of the high-performance controllers for resolution of the increased intellectual complexity and dimensionality tasks and methods of computerization and architectural solutions of the integrated computer environment for monitoring of the railway power supply networks as well as methods of organization of microprocessor means implementing the control of functioning and forecast of condition of the power electrical equipment from the unified informational positions, are developed. On the basis of research conducted by the Institute for Electrodynamics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the State Economic and Technological University of Transport in co-operation with the Main Administration of Electrification and Power Supply of «Ukrzaliznytsia» and MPP «Aniger», the specialized computer system of the continuous monitoring of the high-velocity technological processes of the power supply for traction – the Information Diagnostic Complex «REGINA», which has been implemented at the traction substations of all railways of Ukraine and allows for carrying out  the monitoring and identification of the set and intermediary modes of the traction networks of the railways including the pre-emergency, emergency and post-emergency modes of the power supply networks synchronously by the time and protection system operation and possibility of carrying out the spectral analysis of the emergency information, determining the distance to the place of accident.  The level of development corresponds to the international standards, which is confirmed by the international certificate of production quality according to the standard ISO 9001-2008.

General number of publications – 29, in particular, in the international magazines with non-zero impac factor – 4, including on the subject of the work – 29, patents of Ukraine – 6, monographs – 1, tutorials – 1 (classification of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine).