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textbook «Reinforced concrete and stone structures

Work number - P 10 FILED

V. Pershakov - К.: NАU, 2009. – 304 p. ISBN 978–966–598–597–6.


           Approved by the Ministry of Educationand Science of Ukraine as the textbookfor students of higher educational institutionsdoing the course in «Civil Engineering» (Лист № 1.4/18-Г-79 від 10.01.2009).

The purpose of creating an English textbook.Textbook "Reinforced concrete and stone structures» was developed for the new discipline "Reinforced concrete and stone structures", which is the main one course in the program of preparation of English specialist in specialization "Industrial and civil construction" and was not then secured corresponding educational literature, since the discipline "Reinforced Concrete and stone structures" was introduced into the working curriculum of the NAU.

Brief description of the English textbook. Textbook includes cover letters, introduction, 20 sections on self-examination questions, list of literature and dictionary of English and Ukrainian terms.

          The textbook provides main information about construction materials (concrete, reinforced concrete, stone), their physical and mechanical properties, resistance calculation of reinforced concrete and stone structures for strength, rigidity and crack endurance.

           It is intended for students of aviation and civil engineering higher educational institutions, as well as specialists and masters of airports designing and construction, industrial and civil engineering.

Novelty.The textbook is the first full English-language publication in Ukraine in the field of construction. There are no textbooks in Ukraine similar editions. The English-language textbook corresponds to the working language the curriculum of the discipline "Reinforced concrete and stone structures ", which is taught at NAU since 2008.

Practical significancelies in the fact that the English-language textbook teaches students to read English-language literature for professional orientation, meets modern teaching methods of foreign languages according to the program "English-language project" of  NAU.

English textbook by Pershakov V.М. «Reinforced concrete and stone structures" meets modern requirements and contributes to the effective mastery of knowledge, significantly affects the improvement preparation of future English-language specialists of European level.