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Technology Development and Industrial Organization of Landfill Greenhouse Gas Utilization in Power Plants



H.Zhuk, A.Gritsenko, V.Bannov, S.Volkov, S.Kubenko, A.Severіn, Ju. Kononov, V.Verbovsky, O.Nedava, Yu.Іvanov

Presented by the Gas Institute of NASU

The paper addressed the important scientific and technical problems disposing of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere during the decomposition of the organic portion of the waste and the creation of additional permanent alternative energy sources in Ukraine.

On the basis of systematic analysis of 16 of municipal solid waste (MSW) landfills scientific principles and methodology of biogas utilization systems were developed with integrated technologies for the collection, preparation and use of biogas power generation in power plants, heat, natural gas and carbon dioxide, their storage and transport in the form of hydrates, including as joint implementation projects under the Kyoto Protocol.

Projects of industrial complexes were developed and implemented on Kiev and Lugansk regional landfills protecting the atmosphere of greenhouse gases and their utilization with power generation.

Technology developed demonstrates compliance with the best world practices of the Global Methane Initiativeon a global level, a joint project on the Kyoto Protocol was approved by the National Environmental Investment Agency of Ukraine.

Economic effect consists of 31 million kWh of electricity produced and delivered to the network on a continuous basis worth UAH 60 mln., and real reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by more than 120 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent. Implementation of the developed technologies in large landfills of Ukraine will annually steadily replace 0.5 billion cubic meters of natural gas. With a significant environmental effect economic viability was achieved, and the payback period is about 2 years.

Scientific results are reflected in two monographs, 50 scientific articles. Novelty and competitive technical solutions protected by 8 patents of Ukraine.