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Technogenic and Ecological Safety in Exploitation of Coal and Gas Fields. (Theory and Practice)

Work number - P 10 AWARDED


Beshta A., Grinov V., Driban V., Kanin V., Pachkovsky P., Samusya V., Smolanov S., Starikov G., Feldman E., Shneyer V.


The work is a contribution of Ukrainian State Research and Design Institute of Mining Geology, Rock Mechanics and Mine Surveying of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (UkrNDMI NAS of Ukraine)

The authors have found the mechanism for formation and evolution of stress-deformation state of rock mass and the loss of its stability in exploitation of coal deposits. They have described the processes related to methane mass transfer and desorption of it in coal beds and established the regularities for forming the areas of increased gas content and methane flow in coal matrix.

On the bases of the research the authors have developed: methods for active control of stress-deformation state of rock masses; optimal parameters of working faces; methods to predict zones of increased gas content; techniques and means for effective consolidation of unstable rock masses; engineering solutions that ensure safe use of buildings and structures; special mobile systems for accident rescue operations that provides integrated approach to solving problems of process and environmental safety in exploitation of coal and gas fields.

The implementationof the authors’ developments has enabled to obtain a great social effect due to improvement in occupational safety and accident prevention, to achieve cost advantages at the rate of 218 million UAH. Approximately 5 million tons of coal has been taken under the built-up territories without any damage to buildings and structures.

The authors have published 18 monographs and 327 papers. They have obtained 54 author’s certificates and patents (1985-2012). The number of scientific papers included into the international bibliographic SCOPUSDatabase is 40; the total number of references for authors’ publications is 49 (according to SCOPUSDatabase). General Identificator SJR – 0,185.