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System of technologies of grain storage and its processing to bakery, food and feedstuff products

Work number - P 3 AWARDED


B.V. Yegorov, O.I. Gaponyuk, O.T. Burdo, G.M. Stankevych,
K.G. Iorgachova, V.I. Drobot, V.M. Kovbasa, O.V. Zhukotansky, I.M. Butsenko,
V.T. Gulavsky

Is represented by Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies

The work contains solution of very important scientific and technical problem for the economy of the country concerning improvement of grain storage effectiveness, usage of its natural nutrient and energy potential, and productivity of transportation and technology operations. System of technologies of post-gathering processing and grain drying, production of flour with extra nutritional value, innovative quick cooking cereal products as wheat, rye, barley and buckwheat flakes, its mixtures, muesli and extrudates, healthy bread and pastry products, integrated oil seeds processing, improvement of grain feeding value and production of high quality mixed fodder, as well as highly efficient transport and technological equipment for receiving and handling grain were theoretically and experimentally justified, elaborated and put into practice.

For the first time in the world practice fundamental theoryon drying model with theory of moisture bonds in product was harmonized. The theory for heat and mass transfer of steam gas and dust flows in regenerative device was created upon which dryers of new generation with coefficient of thermal efficiency in 1.5 ... 2.0 times more than traditional ones were proposed.

The mechanisms of regulation of functional and technological and rheological properties of grain,multi-component food polydispersed systems were determined; conditions of technological processes of extra nutritive flour production were justified. Principles for effective use of technologically compatible mixtures from non-conventional and fixed raw materials in bread and pastry production technology with different structure rheological properties were substantiated; theoretic basis of protein and carbohydrate transformation during high-temperature extrusion was defined.

The elaborated system of grain storage and processing technologies helped Ukraine to occupy the 3rd place on grain export volume in the world, and 8th on poultry export, and considerably improved nutritional status of Ukrainian population. Results of the research were implemented in the following enterprises: PJSC«Myronivsky hliboproduct», PrJSC«Ukrelevatorprom», CJSC «AgroTreidYug», etc., and synthesis of proposed transport and technological complexes has allowed to increase grain export. Indicators of specific energy consumption, quality of grain products and grain export to such countries as Germany, UK, France, Switzerland, Italy, Egypt, Mexico, and others are the evidence of global level. Expected economic level was approximately 4 billion UAH. Total confirmed economic impact was more than 3.7 billion UAH.

Research results were published in 15 monographs, more than 2500 articles of scientific works (including 22 foreign), total amount of publication quoting was 374, h-index 7. More than 312 patents were obtained. 17 PhD and 95 Candidate’s dissertations were defended on this issue.