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Substances biotranspor mechanisms efficiency in the strategy of new medicines development

Work number - M 3 AWARDED

Presented by O.V. Bogatskiy Physical-Chemical Institute of NAS of Ukraine, Odesa

authorLarionov V.B., doctor of biological sciences

The aim of the work was complex studying of intercellular and intracellular permeation mechanisms efficacy of chemical substances through histogematic barriers, estimation and prediction of their bio- and neuroavailability on the base of interrelationships between structure, physical-chemical properties and pharmacokinetic parameters as well as the ways of its enhancement.

The approach for substances neuroactivity studying and prediction on the base of their physical-chemical properties, transport mechanisms and biotransformation pathways was generalized. Using the computer 2D-modelling methods for the first time were developed the models of substances neuroawailability prediction as permeability surface value (logPS). The series of permeability enhancers for medicines was suggested when being administered parenteraland transdermal administrations.

The results of the study were implemented by SLC “INTERCHEM” during development and registration of such medicines, as “Gidazepam IC” (sublingual tablets), “Levana IC” and “Alcodez IC”.

Author`s publications quantity: 81 scientific article, monograph, Patent of Ukraine and Guidelines according to the work results. The total Scopus references on author`s publications - 13 (among them 12 for the theme of the presented work); according to the Google Shcolar database the total references quantity is 64, h-index (for work) = 4, Hirsch index in Scopus = 2, in Google Shcolar = 4.