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Сombined energy accumulators based on phase transition organic compounds with improved heat conducting structure


Presented by National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine

Author:Antypov I.

The purpose of the workis to develop the basics of a new, integrated approach in conducting research aimed at increasing the performance of heat accumulators by using phase-transfer accumulation materials of organic origin, having fillers in the form of nanoparticles and microparticles of metals.

The author, based on theoretical studies and experiments, has established: the laws of freeconvective heat exchange during phase transformations of the accumulation material and their influence on the intensity of heat and mass transfer processes at different moments of time; The structure and thermodynamic behavior of organic compounds with various chemical solids with nanoscale and microparticles are studied.

The scientific basis of a new, integrated approach in the study of heat and mass transfer processes during phase transformations of accumulation material, which in world and domestic science was first applied to investigate the processes of melting/crystallization around several cylindrical heat sources located in the volume of heat-storage material of organic origin, was created.

The basic conceptual foundations of a new, integrated approach in the study of thermophysical processes and the properties of new accumulating materials having a different structure, namely, fillers in the form of nanoparticles of metals, including optical methods, have been formed.

A new construction of a combined energy battery based on phase transition organic compounds with an improved thermal conductivity structure is proposed.

Several current models of power accumulator have been implemented.

In comparison with the world's analogues, the development of the mass-grossing parameters is less by 15% and 86% better than the duration of the operation in the «discharge» mode at the same thermal power with the sample-analogue.

It was introduced: LLC «Plant of power equipment«DAN»,LLC «ReduceEnergy», OJSC«Joint-stock company «Yuzhtransenergo», NUBiP of Ukraine.

The economic effect of introducing development– by 40%, the cost of 1 Gcal of thermal energy decreases, the reliability of energy supply increases by 15%.

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