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A set of publications Monoclonal and Recombinant Antibodies for Experimental Biology, Medicine and Veterinary”


Authors: LougovskoyE.V., KoliboD.V., KolesnikovaI.M., OlijnikO.S., KostjuchenkoE.P., GluzmanD.F., SidorenkoS.P., SkljarenkoL.M., ShlapatskaL.M.

Presented by Palladin Institute of Biochemistry of the NAS of Ukraine for the State Science and Techniques Award (2014).

A set of publications includes 10 monographs and 250 scientific articles, published during 1985-2013. 

Present work includes generalized results of long-term studies on obtaining, characterization and implementation of monoclonal and recombinant antibodies for the fundamental study and construction of diagnostic tools and diagnostic algorithms.

The aim of the work was to obtain and implement monoclonal and recombinant antibodies into the practice.

Novelty: For the first time in Ukraine the monoclonal antibody technology was implemented and many hybridomas producing monoclonal antibodies were obtained. In particular, the first antibodies to fibrinogen, fibrin and DD-fragment, insulin, peroxidase as well as to human leukocyte antigens were produced within Ukraine. The first library of scFv-antibodies was created, which was unique for Ukraine. The molecular mechanisms of 3D-fibrin network formation were revealed and a new human leukocyte antigens were discovered with the aid of monoclonal antibodies. The data obtained were important for the development of the new unitary model of hematopoiesis and clarification of a modern hemoblastosis classification.

Practical importance: Test-systems for the quantitative determination of fibrinogen, soluble fibrin and D-dimer in human blood plasma were produced and adapted for the commercial use; the algorithms of thrombosis diagnostics during cardiovascular diseases were also developed. New immunochemical test-systems for the diphtheria toxin as well as for antibodies to this toxin determination were proposed. The first series of monoclonal antibodies for scientific and laboratory studies were developed, registered and licensed to be used in Ukraine. Immunocytochemical algorithms of the diagnostics of leukemia and metastasis in lymph nodes and bone marrow were proposed. Implementation of immunocytochemical methods and Ukrainian monoclonal antibodies for diagnostics are of importance not only from the social point of view, but also allows achieving significant economic effect by cost cutting of funds usually used for the purchase of foreign-made compounds.

Results of investigations presented were published in 260 publications, including 10 monographs and 197 papers in referred journals (including 107 in international journals). The authors’ publications were cited 1740 times in 2208 papers (according to Scopus database), h-index of publications was 49. The authors received 17 patents and The State Registration Certificate №11072/2011 for “Monoclonal antibodies ТУ У 24.4-05416946-002:2011. On the current theme 6 thesis of a doctor of science degree and 17 on a candidate of science degree were defended.