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Series of works " Synthesis, structure and properties of quasicrystals"

Work number - P 35 FILED



BalanetskyyS.O., BorisovJu.S.,Borisova A.L.,  DubS.N., IefimovM.O.,

LavrinenkoS.D., MalykhinS.V., PugachovА.Т., KhadzhayG. Ya., ChugunovaS.J.


NationalTechnical University"Kharkiv Politechnical Institute" is presented


The series joins together the works carried out during 14 years and aimed at establishment of physical and chemical conditions for formation of new materials, namely, icosahedral and decagonal quasi-crystals, studying the thermodynamical stability, equilibrium diagrams, and chemical bond specific in these most complex structures, as well as comprehensive analysis of sub-structure and stress state peculiarities, determination of physical properties and their relation with structure for two-, three-, and multi-component systems based on Al and Ti.

The authors have obtained a number of priority results of world-level importance. Stable decagonal quasi-crystals were synthesized for Аl-Fе-Сr, Аl-Fe-Мn, and Аl-Re-Рd systems, also a new structure type of decagonal quasi-crystals was discovered. The limits of phase concentration and temperature stability were established for a number of systems with quasi-crystals. Mechanical, electrical, magnetic, and thermo-physical properties, as well as hydrogen diffusion were investigated. Application of nano-indentation methods using original techniques allowed obtaining information on unusual micro-mechanical behaviour of quasi-crystals and producing the composites with advanced plasticity. For the first time, the effect of thermo-magnetic memory for Аl-Рd-(Мn, Fe) quasi-crystals and approximants  was established, and the superconductivity in Тi-Zr-Ni quasi-crystals was discovered. The possibility for application of quasi-crystals under conditions of outer space was shown. The record values of heat-resistance were achieved for aluminium alloys strengthened by nano-sized quasi-crystal inclusions.

The investigations carried out not only enriched the fundamental science by new knowledge on the condensed state atomic structure, but also lead to creation of a number of technologies for synthesis of single- and poly-quasi-crystals as powders, ribbons, or thin films, and also to creation of fundamentals for semi-industrial production of functional materials and composites from quasi-crystals for practical utilization of this principally new class of materials as hydrogen accumulator units, thermal barriers, chemically inert coatings, etc.


The results of the investigations are presented in 105 publications, including 3 monographs, 4 sections in collective monographs, and 98 papers in reviewed journals (including 59 foreign ones). The total citation index for the works of the series is 542 (according to Scopus data bank), h-index = 14. On the theme of the work, 2 doctoral  theses and 5 Ph. D.  theses were defended.