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А series of works "Nonlinear waves and solitons in condensed matter physics"

Work number - P 1 AWARDED

 Authors: BelokolosE.D., BrizhikL.S., HolodP.I., ZolotaryukO.V., ZolotaryukYa.O., IvanovB.A., KivsharYu.S., KovalevA.S., KolezhukA.K., YampolskiiV.A.


Aim of the work: development of physics of nonlinear phenomena in nonlinear optics, photonic materials, magnetic and molecular systems, metals etc.

Scientificimportance: theory of physics ofsolitons innonlinearsystemsisdeveloped, anewmethodtocontroldynamicsofsolitonsissuggested. 

New fundamental results obtained:new nonlinear phenomena in magnetic systems are studied, theory of spin nematics is developed, necessary conditions for uni-directed rectified propagation of solitons are found.

Priorityresults: physicsofnonlineardynamicsofmagneticsystemsandopticalfibresisdeveloped, magnonics, spintronics, physicsofmolecularsolitons, physicsofnonlinearandcontrolledphotonicdevicesaredeveloped.

Newapproaches: methodoforbitsinthetheoryofnonlinearequationsissuggestedanddeveloped, theoryofchiralphasesinquantummagnetics, theoryofnonlinearmechanismsofenergyandchargetransportinmacromoleculesaredeveloped. New types of solitons waves in nonlinear optics are predicted and proved to exist, bifurcation nature of the quasi-soliton states is shown and studied, theory of solitons in hydrogen-bounded chains is built.

The results obtained have fundamental importance for theoretical physics, physics of nonlinear systems, biophysics, medicine, ecology physics. They have practical importance for micro- and nano-electronics, spintronics, optoelectronics and nonlinear fibre optics communications.

         The results of the series has been published in 110 publications (including 4 monographs, 3 chapters in books, 6 review articles). The total citation index of the series exceeds 9080, the h-index is 44.