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А series of the work “Stereochemistry of intermetallic and coordination compounds of copper and silver”

Work number - M 101 AWARDED


Pavlyuk O.V., Slyvka Yu.I., TarasiukI.I.

IvanFranko National Universityof Lviv

Presented to President of Ukraine annual prize.

A series of the work containing 48 scientific articles, published during 14 years.

A results of a series of the work are focused on crystal chemistry of intermetallic and coordination compounds. By means of direct reaction or alternating-current electrochemical technique 103 new compound have been obtained and X-ray structurally investigated by single crystal or powder diffraction method.

Crystal chemical peculiarities of obtained compounds may used in purposeful search of materials with particular properties and expand of theory of copper and silver intermetalides and σ-, π-, π,σ-complexes with functional derivatives of terminal alkines, allylic derivatives of mono and polyheterocyclic and noncyclic aromatic compounds.

Published 48 scientific articles (35 in non Ukrainian journals), 43 conference proceeding. Authors articles cited 23 times  in 14 scientific journals.

Total number of authors publications: Pavlyuk O.V.(60), Slyvka Yu.I. (41), TarasiukI.I.(38)