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А series of the work «The problems of performance improvement of the national innovation system of Ukraine»

Work number - M 34 AWARDED

Author: Gryga V.Yu.

The series of research publications consists of 2 monographs and 11 research papers published during 8 years.

On the base of a comprehensive research, which results are presented in the submitted papers, a framework to improve the efficiency of the national innovation system of Ukraine by increasing collaboration between academia and industry was developed. New approaches to complex study of the impact of academic research on technological development of Ukraine with regard to economic development trends were elaborated. Also a number of basic results dedicated to the problems of building an effective national innovation system of Ukraine were obtained. In particular model characteristics of effective functioning research unit and the directions of its interaction with industry was justified, and a multivariate regression model of the dynamics of research personnel was developed. It was shown that ratio of wages in R&D to wages in the financial sector had the greatest impact among factors influences number of researchers. Theoretical and methodological basis for the formation of national innovation systems was improved given the experience of developing countries.

Obtained results are important for the support of further economic development of Ukraine, for improving the theory and practice of innovation management at all hierarchical levels, including improving the efficiency of the national innovation system of Ukraine. They were used during the work commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, the Council for National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Kyiv City State Administration and has repeatedly been presented at international conferences and seminars.

Total number of publications - 61 research publications on science of science, scientific, technological and innovation development policy, including 1 personal monograph, 3 chapters in collective monographs, including one published by Edvard Elgar, 25 in professional Ukrainian journals, 12 publications in foreign editions, 24 abstracts and conference papers.

According to Google Scholar citation number is 4, h-index = 1.